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Campaign Manager

Create targeted campaigns instantly without delays or compromise. Wait for no one.

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Campaign Manager - How to build an audience and analyze campaign results


Build Targeted Audiences

Focus on important customer segments to achieve the most impact.

Create Campaigns

Set-up and run campaigns quickly to achieve goals and inform customers.

Measure Business Impact

Assess how your campaigns are doing and make changes if needed.

Campaign Manager Use Cases




Reduce WISMO Inquiries

This global luxury fashion retailer was experiencing issues with orders above €150, which were getting stuck in customs due to required forms not being completed. It resulted in a high number of support inquiries and auto-returns, as well as a poor returns experience.


With Campaign Manager, their eCommerce Operations Manager was able to target affected customers with text banners at the top of emails and tracking pages, directing them to a support page with details about the required customs declaration.

eCommerce persona campaign manager use case with a banner for completing customs forms.


Boost Customer Lifetime Value

This global multi-channel fashion retailer wanted to increase customers’ second purchase rate in their baby category to boost customer lifetime value by targeting customers who purchased maternity products previously.


Utilizing Campaign Manager, their Customer Activation and Marketing Manager was able to place a visual banner in emails at the beginning and end of the post-purchase journey that linked to a baby assortment landing page.

Campaign Manager set up for a Marketing persona with an email banner promoting additional baby clothes purchases.


Reach Elusive Customers

An outdoor recreation fashion retailer struggled to reach their D2C customers with information about physical store openings or offers and therefore found it difficult to convert them to omnichannel shoppers.


With Campaign Manager, their Order Operations Manager was able to easily input visual banners in emails across main events in the post-purchase journey. These banners sent customers to their website for more information about the new store openings.

Campaign Manager use case for an Operations persona


Audience Builder

Build powerful campaign audiences based on tracking stage, individual rules, or groups of rules.

Campaign Builder

Create visual campaigns for any audience and insert content into email notifications and order status pages.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights into impressions, click-through-rate, and compare between multiple campaigns.

Customer Impact

reduction in WISMO inquiries

average CTR

minutes to create a campaign

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