parcelLab has been named 'Best Unified Customer Experience' by the Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards

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parcelLab is the only truly global enterprise post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational costs, and optimize the customer experience.

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Here's How parcelLab Benefits Your Business

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Increase Revenue

with a hyper-personalized post-purchase experience for cross-selling, website traffic, and higher conversion rates.

Save costs

Simplify and Save Costs

with event-driven communications to reduce WISMO/WISMR inquiries and a revenue-recovering, sustainable returns portal.

Increase brand loyalty

Boost Brand Loyalty

through proactive order communications, elevating customer satisfaction, engagement, and brand loyalty.

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Increase Conversions

parcellab convert


Using machine learning and low latency API, we can offer accurate delivery dates on PDP and checkout, improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction while reducing cart abandonment.

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Engage with Customers

parcellab Engage


Enhance your post-purchase journey, boost engagement, and drive sales with personalized and configurable communications that fill information gaps.

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Increase Customer Retention



Reduce costs, make returns sustainable, and enhance customer experience with flexible customization options, a digital returns portal, and label integration for seamless operations.

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Supported By

Secure, Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure



Includes three modules: Insights, Connect, and Security that underpin the capabilities of all parcelLab products.

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Customer Impact

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BOSE: Our customer focus resulted in an email open rate of 79%

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FARFETCH: Controlling the customer journey resulted in 72% positive feedback

Philipp Plein: Elevate customer centricity with proactive communications

New Look: More sales through targeted product recommendations

Berlin Brands Group: Shipping updates reduce customer inquiries at BBG by 24%

Conrad: 5% fewer returns through automation


Fashion & Luxury

Fashion & Luxury

Differentiate your brand with a unique experience. Explore solutions
Food & Personal Care

Cosmetics & Beauty Brands

Retain customers with memorable post-purchase experiences. Explore solutions
Toys, Hobby & DIY

Toys, Hobbies, & DIY

Generate more touchpoints with personalized communication. Explore solutions
Furniture & Appliances

Furniture & Appliances

Engage customers with proactive heartbeat communications. Explore solutions
Electronics & Media

Electronics & Media

Increase conversions by displaying delivery date promises. Explore solutions

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