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parcellab convert

parcelLab Convert

Provide a predictive delivery date that increases conversion rates, reduces consumer uncertainty, and improves customer satisfaction.

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parcellab convert

Convert Impact

Less Time Spent on PDP

Convert customers faster on product detail pages with a compelling delivery date.

Increase in Conversions

Assure consumers with a guaranteed delivery date to clarify order arrival time.

Faster Mobile Checkout

Empower customers to make purchase decisions with more confidence.

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Supporting Retailers During the Conversion Journey

The Convert suite helps to reduce delivery uncertainty and increase onsite conversion by providing retailers with a predictive delivery promise date on product detail pages and at checkout. Combined with parcelLab’s Track & Communicate product, Convert can be extended into the post-purchase experience with hyper-relevant updates and personalized content.

Increase Conversions


Powered by our machine-learning algorithm, parcelLab Promise calculates estimated delivery dates based on your warehouse operations and corresponding delivery methods, accounting for ad hoc holiday updates, delivery method changes, multiple carriers, weather closures, and staffing shortages.

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Ticketing Tool Integrations

Low Latency API

Out-of-the-box API with flexible request pattern based on data available to the retailer.

ML Algorithm

Random Forest based data model with zip-code level accuracy.

Configuration UI

Easily configure the estimated delivery date from PDP to the checkout page.

Multichannel Communications

Track & Update

Monitor against forecasted dates and communicate with customers accordingly.

Teams That Benefit From Convert:

ecommerce teams

Ecommerce and Product Teams

Increase sales by providing data-driven predictive delivery dates — decrease cart abandonment rates by lessening delivery uncertainty.
Customer Experience Teams

Customer Experience Teams

Improve customer experience by setting data-driven expectations that are consistently met to build consumer trust.
Customer Support Teams

Customer Support Teams

Decrease WISMO inquiries by setting delivery expectations prior to checkout. When coupled with our Track & Communicate product, it reduces the strain on customer support teams.
Logistics Teams

Logistics Teams

Manage order fulfillment and carrier constraints while delivering a superior customer experience with data-driven lead times and proactive notifications.  
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Customer Impact

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Drive urgency and build brand loyalty with transparent, personalized touchpoints

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BOSE: Our customer focus resulted in an email open rate of 79%

Hessnatur: Targeted timing yields a +365% increase in ratings

bonprix: 24 message triggers ensure an optimal buying experience

11teamsports:Customer loyalty pays off with 19% more sales as a result


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the core functionality of parcelLab Convert?

parcelLab Convert includes configuration that enables non-technical business users to set up estimated delivery dates on product detail and checkout pages; a machine learning algorithm trained on customer and carrier data attributes that impact timing like holidays, warehouse hours, courier pickup times, staffing shortages, etc.; and a low-latency API ensuring no impact on PDP or checkout loads speeds, responding in less than 8ms.

How is parcelLab different from other vendors?

Most order and transport management systems are primarily designed to manage delivery operations. Our product is designed for non-technical users looking to increase revenue, decrease support costs, and improve customer experience. As a result, parcelLab enables you to provide the right combination of data-driven lead times, proactive consumer notifications, and configuration to easily meet your ever-changing fulfillment landscape.

What’s the effort involved in implementing parcelLab Convert?

An out-of-the-box API allows immediate technical product delivery. The Machine Learning algorithm requires two weeks for retailer-specific training with consumer and carrier data, and configuration of warehouses and delivery methods. In two weeks, you can provide your consumers with delivery date information that grows top-line revenue.

parcelLab’s dedicated and specialist implementation team of data scientists, carrier logistics experts, and project managers helps drive a smooth and efficient timeline that accommodates anticipated data requirement changes, rigorous test plans, and room for necessary user training.

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