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Increase Cross and Upsell Opportunities

Customers typically see a 2% rise in revenue and 42% growth in repeat purchases due to proactive personalized messages and embedded tracking pages promoting cross- and upsells.

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Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Reduce customer acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value by leveraging existing communications channels and embedded order status pages to drive traffic back to your webshop and deliver personalized content that promotes cross- and upsells.

Meet Rising Customer Expectations

Deliver a high-end customer experience, increase the number of high-engagement touchpoints that drive further orders, and ensure maximum brand control.

Deliver Personalization and Privacy

Provide superior, unique, and personalized customer experiences to retain existing customers and maximize customer lifetime value, while meeting rising customer and regulatory requirements.


Order Status Page 

Enable consumers to self-serve and know the status of orders and returns, all embedded on your site and with your brand and voice.

Unlimited Emails

Create engaging touchpoints and personalized recommendations to increase webshop traffic and enhance repeat purchases.

Trigger Builder

Design personalized customer journeys based on multiple inputs and conditions far beyond simple carrier updates.

Conditional Placeholders

Inject specific customer-relevant, order-relevant, or shipment-relevant details within any message to promote cross- and upsells.

Multichannel Communications

Update customers via their preferred channel: chatbot, SMS, mobile app push, and alternative messaging services.

Customer Service Portal 

Enable agents with access to order and communication history, focusing on value-add activities like cross- and upselling.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simple and secure access to parcelLab’s customer service and reporting portal for unlimited users.

Audience Builder

Build highly segmented audiences based on tracking stage, individual rules, or groups of rules.

Campaign Manager

Design visual campaigns with targeted content to drive click-throughs and encourage cross- and upsells.


Provides end-to-end visibility of campaign performance, so you can track, compare, and improve campaigns for maximum impact.

Customer Cross & Upsell Metrics

More Topline Revenue

Proactive messaging and embedded pages boost touchpoints, traffic, and cross- and upselling opportunities.


Increase in Repeat Orders

Personalized recommendations in messages and on status pages boost customer engagement and repeat purchases.

Point Increase in NPS

Personalized experiences and recommendations enhance brand loyalty and increase repeat purchases.

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New Look: More sales through targeted product recommendations

MediaMarktSaturn: Achieved 2.5 million extended customer touchpoints

11teamsports: Customer loyalty pays off with 19% more sales as a result


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I promote cross- and upselling with parcelLab?

parcelLab products enable retailers to leverage existing communications channels, using high engagement touchpoints to drive traffic and deliver personalized content such as shopping recommendations and targeted offers. Integrate your own recommendation engine or use parcelLab’s Campaign Manager to inject hyper-relevant content into emails and the order status page to increase cross- and upsells.

How is parcelLab different from other vendors?

While our competitors’ solutions are made for system owners, parcelLab is the only post-purchase software truly built for Experience Designers—people who understand their consumers better than anyone else but are not necessarily technical. Unlike other vendors’ rigid data models that require custom development for any data changes, our product is powered by the parcelLab platform’s flexible and intuitive data model.

What’s the effort involved in implementing parcelLab Products?

Depending on the products you select, implementation time typically takes 8-10 weeks to set-up, test, and train you on the solution, depending on the number of carrier connections and overall configurations.    

parcelLab’s dedicated and specialist implementation team of data scientists, carrier logistics experts, and project managers helps ensure a smooth and efficient timeline that accommodates anticipated data requirement changes, rigorous test plans, and room for necessary user training.

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parcellab convert Convert

Provide a predictive delivery date that increases conversions, reduces uncertainty, and improves customer satisfaction.

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Engage icon Engage

Enhance your post-purchase journey with personalized communications that keep customers informed every step of the way.

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retain Retain

Turn potential customer dissatisfaction into an opportunity for revenue retention by digitizing your returns process.

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