parcelLab has been named 'Best Unified Customer Experience' by the Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards

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Own Your Frictionless Post-Purchase Customer Journey

Optimize conversion traffic from highly engaged post-purchase customers and regain control from generic or carrier websites.

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Cultivate Personalization in Post-Purchase Experience

Serve out-of-the-box personalized post-purchase experiences by syncing your powerful customer segment fields and harmonizing with complex customer order data.

Reduce Support Inquiries

Generate 42% fewer WISMO calls with hyper-relevant, personalized communications that give you complete control over all touchpoints.


Increase Customer Delight

Add eight or more high-engagement touchpoints with proactive notifications that keep customers informed and happy, leading to increased customer satisfaction, engagement, and brand loyalty.

Maximize Enterprise IT Ecosystems

Count on parcelLab Platform’s headless approach and free integration hub to seamlessly connect with your brand’s broader technology landscape.


Order Status Page

Order Status Page

JavaScript snippet for shipment tracking boosts website traffic and displays information about split shipments more effectively.

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Emails

Proactive milestone email communications with best-in-class deliverability based on any defined Triggers; which can include attachments.

Campaign Builder 

Campaign Builder

Create clickable visual campaigns for diverse audiences, adding content to emails and the order status page with specified links and previews.

Trigger Builder

Trigger Builder

Craft triggers for personalized journeys with diverse inputs, enhanced by Trigger Builder for advanced logic.

Conditional Placeholders

Conditional Placeholders

Send tailored content in emails/notifications using various inputs and conditions, leveraging shipment and customer data.

Low Latency API

API & Standard Webhooks

Access real-time tracking, statuses, and triggers through API/webhook for internal systems, mobile apps, chatbots, and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Full visibility of carrier SLAs, historical performance, customer promise attainment and more with Power BI data visualization.

Customer Post-Purchase Metrics

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H&M: Ending the experience gap in global delivery

BOSE: Our customer focus resulted in an email open rate of 79%

bose headphones

bonprix: 24 message triggers ensure an optimal buying experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is parcelLab’s platform superior?

We take your need to personalize customer experiences to heart by relentlessly removing the friction of making operational data meaningful.  The parcelLab Platform offers the only post-purchase experience data model with hundreds of out-of-the-box orders-driven trigger workflows, making experience design enjoyable for retailers. We sync with your existing technology ecosystem, down to the customer segment data fields, and have an ever-evolving integration hub that connects with all the vendors you deem essential to drive your customer experiences.

How is parcelLab different from other vendors?

While our competitors’ solutions are made for system owners, parcelLab is the only post-purchase software truly built for Experience Designers—people who understand their consumers better than anyone else but are not necessarily technical. Unlike other vendors’ rigid data models that require custom development for any data changes, our product is powered by the parcelLab platform’s flexible and intuitive data model.

What’s the effort involved in implementing parcelLab Products?

Depending on the products you select, implementation time typically takes 8-10 weeks to set-up, test, and train you on the solution, depending on the number of carrier connections and overall configurations.    parcelLab’s dedicated and specialist implementation team of data scientists, carrier logistics experts, and project managers helps ensure a smooth and efficient timeline that accommodates anticipated data requirement changes, rigorous test plans, and room for necessary user training.

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parcellab convert Convert

Provide a predictive delivery date that increases conversions, reduces uncertainty, and improves customer satisfaction.

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engage Engage

Enhance your post-purchase journey with personalized communications that keep customers informed every step of the way.

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retain Retain

Turn potential customer dissatisfaction into an opportunity for revenue retention by digitizing your returns process.

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Transform Your Post-Purchase Experience

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