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Returns Track & Communicate

Increase customer retention and protect revenue with effortless, personalized returns experiences and engaging communications.

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Returns Track & Communicate Impact

More Repeat Purchases

From returns journey traffic

Higher Average Order Value

From returns journey customers

Reduction in WISMR Inquiries

With proactive returns updates

Customer Experience

Prevent WISMR Inquiries and Decrease Costs

A luxury fashion retailer previously provided pre-printed carrier labels for returns with their orders. Their end customers would only get updates on the return status from the carrier if they received any at all.


This process created confusion, where some customers would mistakenly drop off their returns with a similarly named but different carrier. As a result, there was zero visibility over these shipments for the retailer, and no updates for the end customer, fueling frustration and increasing WISMR inquiries.


With parcelLab’s Returns Track & Communicate, this brand’s customers no longer rely on carrier updates for their returns. The retailer can send proactive, personalized returns communications to inform customers of any status updates and exceptions, reducing WISMR contacts and transforming the customer experience.

Luxury fashion retailer returns tracking page example

Customer Experience

Improve the Customer Experience and Reduce Returns

One of the main drivers of returns is product size – it’s either smaller or larger than the end customer expected. That’s why when a customer of this global women’s fashion brand returns a product due to size, the retailer displays a visual ‘how-to-measure up’ banner in their returns portal, email communications, and on their returns tracking page.


It directs shoppers to a sizing guide which helps them take measurements correctly so they can order a better size and prevent ordering the wrong size in the future, improving the customer experience and reducing the likelihood of future returns.

Return portal size guide example

Customer Experience

Protect Revenue with Store Credits and Exchanges

Returns are expensive to retailers, and many leverage parcelLab to help protect their revenue. For example, shoppers returning products from WYZE are incentivized to accept an instant credit gift card instead of a cash refund. This allows the retailer to retain the revenue, while actively promoting repeat purchases, customer loyalty, and an expedited VIP experience for the customer.

Customer Experience

Reduce Refunds with Easy Exchanges

While some customers leverage parcelLab’s returns solution for gift cards incentives, other customers like this multichannel international fashion brand promote online exchanges. If a customer is looking to return an item for a different size or color, they can effortlessly exchange their purchase with a digital exchange flow that suggests product variations and alternatives and displays live stock availability to avoid disappointment.

Requesting an exchange for leggings in which the color was not as expected with the option to select a different color

Customer Experience

Drive Foot Traffic with Store Returns

With parcelLab, end customers can easily utilize your returns communications to drive traffic to your physical stores and incentivize customers with free in-store returns. Our solution helps brands accelerate the returns process, increase foot traffic, and drive brand engagement by delivering accurate and timely information and updates on in-store returns, including maps of nearby stores, address details, opening hours, and drop-off reminders

An image of a phone with a confirmation screen for a customer registering a return next to an image of chelsea boots and a drop down asking for a reason for the return.


returns flow

Returns Status Page

Embed a responsive returns status page on your website via a Javascript snippet and own all styling via CSS.

Unlimited Emails

Send proactive milestone email communications based on any defined triggers

Click & Collect

In-Store Returns & Communications

Provide accurate and timely information and updates on in-store returns, including maps of nearby stores, address details, and opening hours.

WMS - Warehouse Connection

Trigger Builder

Create triggers for personalized customer journeys such as delays with carriers or warehouse processing, refund issues, and more.

parcelLab NPS

Embed an NPS question within customer communications and link to a landing page with additional questions.

Campaign Manager

Create visual campaigns instantly for any audience and insert content into email notifications and return status pages.

Conditional Placeholders

Display personalized and contextual content within emails or notifications based on any inputs and conditions provided.

Reporting & Analytics

Full visibility of carrier SLAs, historical performance, customer promise attainment, and more.

Live Monitoring

Live data of the current day compared to the average of the previous week, including returned orders, email performance, and returns with issues.

API & Standard Webhooks

On-demand or event-based access to all tracking information, statuses, and communication triggers.

Customer Impact

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Returns Track & Communicate Use Cases




Increase Revenue and Retention

Customers of an international fashion retailer previously registered returns via paper labels or on carrier websites. When customers returned an item, the retailer would receive updates only from carriers. Since the retailer uses 20+ carriers across different markets, the customer experience was completely inconsistent and generic.


Now, their customers register returns via a self-service returns portal embedded on the retailer’s website and receive highly personalized, branded returns communications.


As a result, this retailer was able to create additional brand touchpoints, resulting in higher average conversion, order value, and a 10% increase in the retention rate of returns journey customers.

A picture of a black cheslea boot behind an image of a returns email notification that has a retailers branded and has targeted items that fit the consumers specifications.

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