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Achieved 2.5 million extended customer touchpoints

About MediaMarktSaturn

The company is comprised of the MediaMarkt and Saturn brands, which collectively form a network of approximately 1,000 stores. In addition, both brands operate popular online shops. The team wanted to ensure that they deliver an engaging online shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression on their customers. In a crowded market, MediaMarktSaturn wanted to create long-term brand ambassadors, so needed to deliver an impressive customer experience.

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The Challenge

Before adopting parcelLab, MediaMarktSaturn experienced a communication gap with customers post-checkout. They viewed parcelLab as the perfect partner to fortify customer relationships and set themselves apart from competitors.

The Solution

Leveraging parcelLab’s technology, MediaMarktSaturn combines shipping data with logistics information to dispatch targeted messages. This encompasses updates on delivery windows and pickup, along with feedback requests, all aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction.

The Result

Upon implementing our platform, MediaMarktSaturn witnessed a significant boost in customer engagement. The utilization of personalized messages elevated open rates to 71%, while concurrently reducing the number of support requests.

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Provide a predictive delivery date that increases conversions, reduces uncertainty, and improves customer satisfaction.

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Enhance your post-purchase journey with personalized communications that keep customers informed every step of the way.

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Turn potential customer dissatisfaction into an opportunity for revenue retention by digitizing your returns process.

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