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Control over customer contact increases reviews by 127%

About Gravis

GRAVIS is a company that operates as an Apple service provider and specializes in offering a range of digital lifestyle products. As an Apple service provider, GRAVIS likely offers technical support, repairs, and maintenance services for Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and more. In addition to its service offerings, the company also focuses on providing digital lifestyle products, which could include accessories, gadgets, and devices that complement the Apple ecosystem. GRAVIS plays a role in enhancing and supporting the overall Apple experience for its customers by combining technical expertise with a selection of products designed to align with modern digital lifestyles.

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The Mission

GRAVIS, known for its top-tier service and appealing promotions, aspires to uphold this high standard throughout the entire customer journey. To realize this, the company has emphasized enhancing transparency during the shipping process and fostering brand-centric communication post-checkout. The ultimate aim is to elevate customer satisfaction and foster enduring loyalty.

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with us, GRAVIS limited its communications to sending confirmation and shipping notifications, delegating additional communications to the logistics provider. This approach resulted in a lack of control and insight into customer interactions. Unhappy with this state of affairs, GRAVIS opted for our platform to consistently deliver brand-centric updates to their customers.


Control of customer contact

With the implementation of our platform, GRAVIS has enhanced customer communication by providing real-time delivery information through branded emails. This strategy redirects traffic back to the GRAVIS store and enables the team to utilize the Net Promoter Score for gathering customer feedback. Additionally, the platform allows them to monitor carrier performance effectively.

The Result

Since adopting our platform, GRAVIS has experienced a 127% increase in customer reviews and a 13% rise in traffic, contributing to a 14% growth in revenue.

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