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Nail your post-purchase communications

Enhance the post-purchase journey with our advanced communication features. Navigate supply complexities and meet your unique business demands, safeguarding your customer acquisition efforts. Boost your customer experience and enjoy increased sales.

Improve Your Post Purchase Communication
post purchase communications

Customer experience isn’t static. Neither are communications.

Create, test and refine distinct post-purchase communications across your brands, products, and customer segments. Raise the bar on customer satisfaction. Customize messages with hyper-relevant and personalized content in your brand voice and look. Delivered where your customers want – email, SMS, chatbot, Messenger or app push.

Tap into notification marketing

Predict customers’ needs, expectations, and desires by connecting systems and data sources. Create exclusive unboxing and onboarding experience that build anticipation. Find new opportunities to market special offers and personalized recommendations when customers are most engaged. Decreasing time to next purchase and driving more post-purchase sales.

Recover returns revenue and inspire loyalty

Keep that consistent customer experience going through the returns process. Create personalized, relevant returns communications that build trust and proactively resolve questions with instructions, drop-off reminders, and refund updates. Take advantage of high engagement touchpoints to drive additional purchases.

reduce post purchase returns

Master supply uncertainty

Be there for customers when things get bumpy. Predict delivery delays from production to fulfilment holdups, weather disruptions to customs waits. You can’t always control what’s happening, but you can control the response. Let customers know what’s up and what options they have with critical inflight information. With the flexibility to create unique flows you can recover at risk customers by treating them differently.

reduce supply chain challenges

Decrease WISMO and WISMR Inquiries

Instead of touchpoints we think about the entire customer journey. We’ll show you gaps in communications and issues that drive customer inquiries. Tailor pre-shipment updates, delivery status and returns notifications to provide quick, clear and individualized answers that slash “Where is my order or return” calls. Include key details like expected delivery date, what’s in the box, inflight change options and next steps. Enable customers with educational content on product setup and features to further reduce calls.

Get more reviews and see your ratings climb

We know that word of mouth is more critical than ever with climbing customer acquisition costs and data privacy challenges ahead. That’s why we’ve developed a strategy to help retailers get two to three times more reviews and more five-star ratings by asking the right customers at the right time.

Improving the Shopping Experience

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FARFETCH: Controlling the customer journey resulted in 72% positive feedback

Berlin Brands Group: Shipping updates reduce customer inquiries at BBG by 24%

Elevate post-purchase comms

Unlimited Emails

Endless Email Triggers

Over 50 customizable templates for production, order, shipping, and return updates.

Customer Service Portal

Multichannel Communications

Chatbot shipping updates via SMS, app, WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, and more.

Conditional Placeholders

Click & Collect

Provide precise, timely click & collect order statuses, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

Campaign Builder 

Managed or Self-Service

We manage your comms or integrate triggers with your email, CRM, or marketing tools.

Audience Builder

Segment and Opt-Ins

Send different email types or content based on opt-in status or segmentation tags.

Campaign Builder 

Recommendation engine

Integrate your recommendation engine into emails to increase conversion.

Order Status Page

Get More Feedback

Leverage NPS, integrate surveys, or connect with Trusted Shops and Trustpilot for feedback.

Global Support

Deliver communications in any language including right-to-left script.

Verified Attachments

Send out order confirmations, invoices, return labels or other mandatory attachments.


What is post-purchase communication?

Post-purchase communication is all the touchpoints between a brand and a customer that occur after an order is placed online. This covers email, SMS messages, chatbot conversations, customer service interactions, or conversations on social messaging platforms. The most basic communication and shipping notifications journey might include, for example, an order confirmation, shipping confirmation, out for delivery, and delivered notifications. More complex journeys can include dozens of options to cover all kinds of potential situations from carrier delays to failed delivery attempts to customs issues.

Why is post-purchase communication important?

It’s more important than ever for e-commerce retailers to focus on retaining existing customers. Market conditions are pointing towards recessions in the US and Europe, the cost of digital advertising is going up while its effectiveness is decreasing due to privacy changes, and e-commerce margins are shrinking because logistics costs are increasing. Meanwhile, customers have high expectations, and a significant part of the delivery journey is out of retailers’ direct control. Proactive communication is the best way to prevent delays and problems from ruining customer satisfaction. It gives retailers the chance to get ahead of any negative experience and set things right again. It also allows retailers to create a sense of community with social media integration, re-engage shoppers with product recommendations, and build excitement by telling customers more about their new purchases while waiting for them to arrive. This connection can reduce the number of items that get returned.

How do I provide customer support for post-purchase?

The first step in good post-purchase customer support is to predict customers’ questions and proactively give answers. Brands can do this by creating customer journey maps and customizing communications for each step. Then, by communicating this information across email, order status landing pages, chatbots, SMS messages, in-app push notifications, or other channels where customers want to connect. This self-service approach will cover most of the common information customers need. However, there will always be reasons that customers want to connect with a human whether by chat, text, or phone. So, it’s equally important to ensure customer service agents have easy access to each customer’s order history, communications, and shipping or returns status details. Ideally, this data will be available in the ticketing platform the agents already use, which saves more time. However, some retailers may not have a separate ticketing platform, so quick access through their post-purchase platform should give agents everything they need. This feature helps reduce call handle times and improve agent and customer experience.

Increase Post Purchase Communications

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